Kitchen Sink Quiche

It was too hard to come up with a sensical name for this dish. It really is everything but the kitchen sink. If you read this and can think of a better name please post it!

Not shown in a picture is the first step, which is a sheet of puff pastry smooshed into a small square greased baking dish. Next I spread goat cheese on the puff pastry and baked for about 5 minutes at 400, just enough to soften the goat cheese and let the pastry begin to puff.

While the pastry shell was warming in the oven I chopped a green chili pepper, a red bell pepper, half a white onion, and a few sun dried tomatoes. I added a tablespoon of butter and heated on low until just softened. I didn’t want to cook the peppers through but I wanted to warm them just enough to soften the flesh and the spicy bite of raw peppers.

I spread this mixture over the goat cheese and pressed it in so it would stay in the goat cheese layer and not float into the eggs.

I whipped some eggs with a little bit of milk and poured them carefully over the goat cheese and peppers. Baked for about 15 minutes until the top was firm enough to pour a sauce over.

While the first layer of the quiche was baking I caramelized some onions.

I added a splash of heavy cream, a generous squirt of yellow mustard (almost a 1/4 cup), and a few twists of fresh ground black pepper. Simmered for about 5 minutes until the cream had reduced and I had a nice yellow mustard and caramelized onion sauce.

I cut asparagus spears in half lengthwise and steamed them for just a minute. Then I poured the mustard and onion sauce over the quiche and spread the asparagus on top of that. Topped it with shredded cheddar cheese and more fresh ground black pepper and broiled for about 4 minutes.


Comments on: "Kitchen Sink Quiche" (2)

  1. Yummy roomie dinner! Loved it!

  2. How about naming it “Savory Goat Cheese Quiche?” Sounds delicious and I think the family will eat it as well. Lucky thing I’ve got puff pastry in the freezer.

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