Prosciutto & Clam Spaghetti

I started out by cutting a pork loin into cubes, then sauteed it with some prosciutto and olive oil.

After the pork and prosciutto had browned I added a bunch of diced asparagus and a cup of whole clams.

I covered the pan and while the asparagus was cooking made some spaghetti. Once it was almost cooked I added the noodles and a cup of heavy cream, stirred until the pasta was evenly coated, then covered and let simmer for a few minutes.


Comments on: "Prosciutto & Clam Spaghetti" (1)

  1. I am just imagining all the flavors of this in my mouth and drooling. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this with pork, but it looks really good and I would love to try it.

    P.S. This dish, with the color contrast of the asparagus, pork and the proscuitto are very pleasing to the eye. The picture crys, “Eat me.”
    The flavors would have a nice contrast as the colors do, with the strong and crispy flavor of the asparagus, the lightness of the pork and the proscuitto adding its melody. MMMM! I cant’ wait to try it. (When you fix it for me sometime in the future)

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