Salmon Spaghetti

I julienne cut asparagus and carrots, leaving some of the asparagus in larger slices, then thinly sliced a white onion into rings.

I sauteed the veggies with butter, olive oil, and dried garlic. While they were cooking I boiled a large pot of water and dropped spaghetti in.

I seasoned a salmon fillet with just a few shakes of lemon pepper and salt. Then fried it in olive oil and topped it with mustard, cooking on each side for about 3 minutes.

Once the pasta was almost cooked through I drained it and cooked it with the vegetables for a couple minutes.


Comments on: "Salmon Spaghetti" (8)

  1. Marianne said:

    This looks wonderful. At what heat did you cook the Salmon?

  2. angie maggipinto said:

    Sounds great. I love salmon. Did you use dijon mustard or regular mustard?

  3. How long did you cook the salmon? It looks awsome!

  4. dried garlic? can you use fresh garlic instead? if not where would you purchase this item?

    how did you keep the spaghetti moist? did you add water from boiling, olive oil or chicken broth?

    awesome pictures-makes me hungry.

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