Red Red Wine

This drunken breakfast is a great use for that bottle of red wine someone forgot to put away the night before. These breakfast sandwiches are simple fried eggs on english muffins with a red wine and bacon sauce.

The first step was dicing bacon and onion and sauteing it on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Next I added 3 cups of red wine and simmered on low until it had reduced by half.

The last step to the sauce is adding a tablespoon of butter. I turned the heat off and stirred until the butter is just melted. I toasted the english muffins (no need for butter really) and poached some eggs. I haven’t mastered the poaching yet but I find swirling the water to make a funnel in the center helps keep the egg together.

I prefer my breakfast sandwiches open faced. These didn’t even need hot sauce!


Comments on: "Red Red Wine" (2)

  1. alyssa said:

    hahahaha I like the “these didnt even need hot sauce”


  2. Looks delicious–I’ll have to give it a try. But….the winos I hang out with always drink their red wine down to the last drop.I’ve never seen any left over! Must be the company I keep….

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