Veal Risotto

This risotto is a simple dish with a little Wisconsiney twist. I sauteed some fennel, veal sausage (which I wish was from Willy Ruef’s Meat Market) onion, and garlic with arborio rice and olive oil until the rice was just slightly golden. I simmered it for about 20 minutes while slowly adding a little chicken stock at a time until it was the perfect texture.  Before I started the risotto I cubed some butternut squash, drizzled it with olive oil, and sprinkled it with some smoked sea salt and pepper. I roasted it at 500 flipping the pieces once midway. I served the risotto with the squash right on top. It was a great quick easy meal and a nice alternative to veal sausage and sauerkraut!


Comments on: "Veal Risotto" (1)

  1. Who eats veal sausage with sour kraut??? I like mine simmered, browned in butter and nearly exploded and served with mash potatoes and home made gravy!

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