Suggestions, Requests, Encouragement, & Inspiration

Something you want to see on my blog? Leave your ideas or requests as a comment on this page! Challenge me with an ingredient, request a favorite dish, or just share some inspiration. Anything helps. Thanks for your support.


Comments on: "Suggestions, Requests, Encouragement, & Inspiration" (21)

  1. Kendi Root said:

    This is so fabulous… naturally, because you are a fabulous chef!

  2. Pizza Loaf!

  3. I feel like you should also talk about the food once you’ve eaten it, not just the preparation. Describe the flavors, the textures, did the dish work? What would you do differently next time? You know me, I love to analyze a dish both as a final product and what got me there while i’m eating and after I’m finished. Whatever. I love this!

  4. You should probably make a German chocolate cake at some point as it may be a part of one of my all time favorite Josh/Anna memories.

  5. This is so totally you! Congrats I love it! Maybe someday when my kids tastes are different I can cook for them. Next time I have a dinner party I will definitely check in! Love your cousin Chris

    • Thanks, I cook for some pretty picky people sometimes. You should check some of the casseroles. They are a great way to trick people into eating things they “don’t like”.

  6. Kendi Root said:

    I remembered the name of your pot pies. It reminded me of “empanadas”. It was delicious. The cous cous to die for. I love your passion for cooking. Keep up the great work.

  7. Tiffany Valentine said:

    My simple request is that next time you come home to WI that we get together and you cook something 🙂 I didn’t have a chane to see you at Christmas time but Ray and I are planning on coming out to CA this summer.
    Love ~T~

  8. My cousin, Elizabeth Bourget, is a personal chef and she has been known to hire (and pay) interns. She has cooked for some famous people – Debbie Reynolds and Andy Grove (founder of Intel Corporation). She’s a very good marketeer and she does a number of Wolf and Viking Stove demos annually. She also demos at the Santa Clara Home and Garden show each year. I can help you two hook up. Check her out at “

    Also, I suggest reading Jason Epstein’s Eating. Fabulous easy read about food – what else!

  9. Bring back a special idea to cook up from your upcoming trip to South America.

  10. I love to cook and to eat. Alot of these recipes look great. I need to watch calorie intake though. Anyway to flag nutritional info or calories?

    • Well I don’t know exact calorie information about most of the food I cook but the tags listed about the post list all of the ingredients and you can browse recipes using the tags on the left side of the page. I cook with a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs so that’s good, I would just recommend avoiding the recipes with butter … and probably steer clear of the bread bowls. They’re great but not so low cal.

  11. Jean Erickson said:

    Our request would be that you teach your dad to make some of these dishes so that we can sample them on our next trip to Madison. Salmon spaghetti looks delicious!

  12. Julie Zimmer said:

    Do you have any recipes using Spotted Cow??

  13. Katie Hanrahan said:

    Hi Anna! I work with Marianne. I get most of my recipes from websites, so having a blog like this is right up my alley! I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend is a carnivore, so my suggestion would be for the meatless dishes you make, maybe add a side note as to what meat you would suggest adding if you wanted to make the dish with meat.

    Thanks and good luck!


  14. Some of the best food I have eaten is on Tuesday nights at Anna’s. Everything ranging from salads to perfectly cooked steak is something to look forward to. So amped on food because of you! Thank you so much. You will be incredibly missed next year.

  15. So what’s new with our special chef? Any new ideas or careers in store??? 🙂

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